Good websites are about providing your clients with a knowledge of what you can do for them. As each of your clients will have different needs, so do each of our website offerings.

At My Digital Voice, we offer a diverse range of website styles,  spanning from brochure websites to eCommerce websites. We like to work with our clients to establish their exact requirements and before any work commences we have the best options laid out in advance.

Any dependable website needs to be updated regularly and maintained, as the internet is constantly live. If a new visitor discovers up-to-date and fresh content, they will more than likely be interested and find what they require. On the other hand, if your information is several months old, it’s as good as useless to someone who is not a loyal visitor.


Together at My Digital Voice, we can build a website for you from the ground up or improve what is already there. On top of this, we can compliment your site with social media accounts. The effective use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. can drive traffic towards your website and appeal to new people. A well kept blog page can flourish with the help of built-in sharing tools that post your article to all of your social media accounts automatically.

My Digital Voice will strive towards building the website most suitable to your brand. We will work in tandem with you to find the most appealing colour schemes and imagery, the most effective methods for customers to contact you, and the most user-friendly layout for your website.

There is much potential in having an online identity for your business. Stand out from your competition by having a digital home unique to your company. My Digital Voice will be your digital voice.